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I've found something which is weird to me - files are downloaded from SkyDrive to shared/transfers/ directory. As I've checked in fact it's Shared/Transfers/ directory. But both methods:


work fine. Then I've started thinking and I've tried to create a file with such strings:


All three strings point at the same file (I'm working in debug mode on Device). Does it mean that files in IsolatedStorage are not case-sensitive? I've tried to find any remarks about that, but this site concerns Windows and says files are case-sensitive.
Does anybody know something about this?

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Answer was in your question only. From the link you posted (its case insensitive and not case sensitive) -

In the Windows operating system, isolated storage file and directory names are case-insensitive. That is, if you create a file named ThisFile.txt, and then create another file named THISFILE.TXT, only one file is created. The file name keeps its original casing for display purposes.

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You are right. I think I need some rest. –  Romasz Nov 24 '13 at 16:18

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