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I have a term reference field on a content type. The vocabulary has two levels. I need to be able to show only the top level terms.

What is saved in the field:

X  Fruit
   X  Apple
   X  Orange
-  Veggie
   -  Carrot
   -  Green Bean
X  Candy
   -  Lollypop
   -  Chocolate

What I want:
Title: The Title
Categories: Fruit, Candy
Another Field: data

What I get:
Title: The Title
Categories: Fruit, Apple, Orange, Candy
Another Field: data

I am even fine with getting them all back but at least having the distinction what is top level so I can hide the others. I am trying to do this in a views block. I found answers on how to do this if I only wanted the terms, but I need more data from the node then that.

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After sucking up way to many hours on this project... I got it working by modifying the Hierarchical Term Formatter module: https://drupal.org/project/hierarchical_term_formatter

By telling it to show only top level term, it would give me a list like this: Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, Candy

I went in and added a line to remove duplicate array values (using code I found here: How to remove duplicate values from a multi-dimensional array in PHP). I added it right about the return for hierarchical_term_formatter_field_formatter_view .

I now get the result I was looking for: Fruit, Candy

(PS I am not sure how I submit this to the creator of the module. I don't think it's necessarily a bug, but it could expand it's uses. I do not have experience in community coding projects.)

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