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I have a buddy that's having a hard time with the language barrier. I tried to think of any IDEs that are also available in Spanish, but couldn't think of any. Any ideas?

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What programming language? –  OscarRyz Oct 14 '08 at 16:06
Just a thought: If someone has trouble with English then the language of the IDE is not his biggest problem if he wants to be a programmer. –  Sergio Acosta Oct 14 '08 at 16:20
I agree with Sergio Acosta's comment. Joel and Jeff discussed this issue on SO Podcast #48 ( –  JuanZe Oct 15 '09 at 17:58

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Microsoft Visual Studio is avaible in spanish

Spanish version of the msdn page:

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Eclipse has a spanish language pack spanish language pack

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Visual Studio is available in most "tier one" languages, including Spanish and Japanese. However, not all documentation is translated.

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