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so I got this embedded structure which looks something like

    "_id" : ObjectId("529246fe6803fa2f1c16b7a7"),
    "title" : "presentation 0",
    "description" : "It's an awesome presentation about presentations, dawg!",
    "timestamp" : " 20:32:03",
    "slides" : [ 
            "_id" : ObjectId("529246fe6803fa2f1c16b7a8"),
            "elements" : [ 
                    "_id" : ObjectId("529246fe6803fa2f1c16b7a9"),

Where my root elements are presentations.

Now I want to be able to remove slides and elements using their ids.

I use

$result = $collection->update(
        array('_id' => $presentationId),
        array('$pull' => array('slides' => array('_id' => $slideId))

to remove slides, which works.

I tried

$result = $collection->update(
        array('_id' => $presentationId),
        array('$pull' => array('slides.elements' => array('_id' => $elementId))

to remove elements, but that didn't work...


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To pull a slide from presentation your syntax should be

db.coll.update({_id:presId},{$pull:{"slides._id": slidesId}}

To pull an element from a slide you need to match appropriate slide and use positional operator:

db.coll.update({ "_id": presId, "slides._id":slidesId},
{$pull: {"slides.$.elements":{"_id":elementId"}}})

I would test the second one - some operations on embedded arrays within arrays are not allowed.

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thanks! in PHP it's db.coll.update({ _id: presId, "slides._id":slidesId}, {$pull: {"slides.$.elements":{"slides.elements._id":elementId"}}}) –  Dragon5689 Nov 24 '13 at 20:10
Isn't that what I said? :) –  Asya Kamsky Nov 24 '13 at 20:50
oh sorry, I meant in PHP it's db.coll.update({ _id: presId, "slides._id":slidesId}, {$pull: {"slides.$.elements":{"_id":elementId"}}}) –  Dragon5689 Nov 24 '13 at 23:16
oh doh, of course you're right - I forgot I was already including the first part of the field on the left side... I will edit to fix it. –  Asya Kamsky Nov 25 '13 at 3:36
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