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This is normally something I can find online pretty easily but I think I'm having trouble wording it so I apologize if this is a duplicate question.

I'm looking for a more concise way to do an IF/OR check for the same query. For example:

if (sCheck == "string1" || sCheck == "string2" || sCheck == "string3")
   MessageBox.Show(sCheck + " is one of the three possible strings.");

I'm looking for a cleaner more concise way to do the same If/Or. I was hoping something like these would work but of course they don't:

if (sCheck == "string1" || "string2" || "string3") { }

if (sCheck == ("string1" || "string2" || "string3")) { }
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Create a collection that holds the different possibilities:

if(new[] {"string1", "string2", "string3" }.Contains(sCheck)) { }
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You can create a collection of string and then use the Contains method:

List<string> myStrings = new List<string>(){"string1", "string2" , "string3"};
if (myStrings.Contains(sCheck))
   //Do Work
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in statement in c#? – MarcinJuraszek Nov 24 '13 at 20:12
@MarcinJuraszek yea , I have update answer – David Pilkington Nov 24 '13 at 20:14

It probably doesn't make much sense here, but in similar situations, switch can be useful:

switch (sCheck)
case "string1":
case "string2":
case "string3":
    MessageBox.Show(sCheck + " is one of the three possible strings.");
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