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I try to setup CDI/Weld and JAX-RS/RESTEasy on Netty in a Java SE environment, but all I get is the following exception: Could not find resource for full path: http://localhost:8000/

My project has the following dependencies:


I placed a beans.xml file in the src/main/resources/META-INF directory to enable CDI.

The code to start netty:

public class App {

  private static NettyJaxrsServer netty;

  public void printHello(
          @Observes ContainerInitialized event,
          @Parameters List<String> parameters) 
          throws Exception {
    System.out.println("Starting Netty ...");
    ResteasyDeployment deployment = new ResteasyDeployment();
    netty = new NettyJaxrsServer();

The example resource looks like this:

@Path("/hi") // tried "/" too
public class Index {

  public String get() {
    return "Hi!";

Since all of this didn't work, I added an application class:


public class DemoApplication  extends Application {
  // empty

But the error message is still the same.

What is missing? How can I setup Weld and RESTEasy?

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Have you checked this link? Tomcat 7, Weld, RESTEasy not Scanning JARs

It says that you should put beans.xml in WEB-INF instead of META-INF.

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