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From inside my JAX-RS (Jersey) resource I need to get the base URL of the Jersey Servlet that's "publishing" that resource. I tried injecting ServletContext as described here, and then doing a:

return servletContext.getResource("/").toString();

to get the "base" URL of the Jersey Servlet for this resource.

However the above code returns a value like:


where I was expecting something more like:


Where "jax-rs" is what I have in my web.xml:


That is, there are four "differences": (a) protocol, (b) single instead of double slash after the protocol, (c) port number and (d) missing URL pattern for triggering the Jersey servlet. So, how do I get:

  1. the base http:// URL of the Jersey servlet
  2. the full URL that triggered a particular @GET or @POST annotated method ?
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You're looking for UriInfo. Inject it into your resource using @Context:

private UriInfo uriInfo;

and then you can call getBaseUri() method:

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