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Hey all, I uninstalled a content type that I'd previously added and afterward I'm still getting a warning of

2010-01-06 22:43:50 WARNING OFS.Uninstalled Could not import class 'myclass

' from module 'ns.archetype_name.content.content_type_name'

It isn't resulting in obvious problems, but it concerns me since I thought I'd uninstalled it properly, and cannot find any place where I left a trace of it. I've restarted the server, re-run buildout, and everything else I can think to try to get rid of that message, to no avail.

I read online that this warning is an indication that the Data.fs is out of sync with the packages, in question, and that I should re-install the missing packages. I did that, and the error went away, but I'd really like to get rid of both the error and the content type in question.

Thanks! Paul

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You can try the following:

  • Uninstall, remove, buildout.
  • Go to ZMI at the zope root, Control Panel, Products. See if the the product is listed. Remove it.
  • Restart.

This will likely make the annoyance disappear and if the product was providing simple content types should be enough. However you should check for funky left-overs such as persistent utils.

A good tool to help you find out what's going on if you still run into trouble is zodbupdate. IIRC the latest version will only run on python 2.6, you should use the earlier ones.

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It appears to me that the issue here was that there was content of that type on the portal; and so uninstalling hte package basically 'orphaned' those items, causing that error.

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