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When I run dbm-generate-changelog exception is thrown. I would like to debug this script but I can't figure how to do it. I tried to put breakpoint to the script file _DatabaseMigrationCommon.groovy and then in eclipse created new "debug configuraion" command. When I run this none of breakpoints suspend the execution. I also tried with --debug argument.

Grails: 2.3.3
GGTS: 3.4
Eclipse: 4.3
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Do the following:

  1. launch grails with the -debug option

    grails -debug run-app
  2. create Remote Java Application debug configuration in Eclipse and set port to 5005

  3. enjoy breakpoints and step-by-step debugging

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Try to use dbm-generate-changelog -verbose -stacktrace, it could help you to find cause of fault.

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I'm using GGTS tool. Open it. Go to "Debug As" (bug icon).
Select "grails" in the list and select "new configuration" (blank paper icon).
In the next window, select your grail project in the "project field".
Write "run-app" in the grails commmand field. click "Apply" and click "Debug".

That is.

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