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J(x)= 1/π integral cos(xsintheta). limits are from 0 to π.

Plot J(2pid/λ) as a function of d/λ in MATLAB for d/λ ranging between 0 and 2. At what distance of separation (in wavelengths) is the correlation between the antennas 0.7, 0 ?

I do not understand how to integrate it in matlab, when i define syms theta and use J_=integral(J,0,pi); there appears an error. secondly, when i integrate it manually, the answer appears 0. Kindly help me with it.

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Unless you really need to calculate this manually, you should use Matlab's built-in besselj function to calculate the zeroth order Bessel function of the first kind:

dlam = 0:0.01:2;
x = 2*pi*dlam;
y = besselj(0,x)

This will be faster and more accurate the performing quadrature.

If you wish to determine the to a high degree of accuracy the points at which y is 0.7 or 0, as opposed to reading them from a plot, you can use symbolic math in conjunction with solve and sym/besselj. Assuming that this is what that part of the question is about (I know nothing about antennas), you can use something like:

syms x;
double(solve(besselj(0,x) == 0.7,x))
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i need to perform the integration actually. The built-in function of Matlab does not integrate it? –  user1398405 Nov 24 '13 at 23:22
besselj calculates it numerically somehow – by integration or other means – it's likely faster and more accurate that using any naïve method. In Matlab, calculating this yourself is like writing your own version of erf or gamma. –  horchler Nov 24 '13 at 23:27
thanks for your answer. the earlier one is working but the second one is not. There is some error in the formats –  user1398405 Nov 24 '13 at 23:45
If you're using an old version of Matlab you could try, double(solve('besselj(0,x)=0.7','x')) instead, but otherwise I'm not sure what could be wrong unless which sym/besselj doesn't find anything. –  horchler Nov 25 '13 at 0:22
The value of x at y=0.7 is near 0.3 from the graph but the command you mentioned above returns the value 1.1412. –  user1398405 Nov 25 '13 at 6:21

The integral command does not work on syms, it works on functions. For symbolic integration, the command is int.

I don’t have MATLAB at hand right now to check for typos etc., but something like this should work:

x = 0.1;
integral(@(theta) cos(x.*sin(theta)), 0, pi)/pi

Or even

bessel = @(x) integral(@(theta) cos(x.*sin(theta)), 0, pi)/pi;
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thanks i will try this. i also used int but it did not work either. –  user1398405 Nov 24 '13 at 23:06

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