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This is the preference I'm trying to set:

        "name": "datestamp",
        "title": "Date stamp?",
        "type": "bool",
        "value": true

Heres the addon code,


var preference = require("simple-prefs");

exports.set = function(preferenceTemp, value){
    preference.prefs[preferenceTemp] = value;


Preference = require("./Preference")

Preference.set('datestamp', true);

Error on console when trying to execute:

console.error: addon: 
  Message: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff 
  (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIPrefBranch.setComplexValue]"  nsresult: "0x8000ffff 
  (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED)"  location: "JS frame :: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm
    -> jar:file:///tmp/tmpuc82Vi.mozrunner/extensions
    /!/bootstrap.js -> resource://gre/modules/commonjs/toolkit
    /loader.js -> resource://gre/modules/commonjs/sdk/preferences/service.js :: set :: 
    line 92"  data: no]
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Your code works fine for me - what versions of the SDK and Firefox are you using? –  canuckistani Nov 25 '13 at 3:23
Add-on SDK 1.14 (39467a307f58b63c1907c8d383e48475c98b0624) –  bobbyrne01 Nov 25 '13 at 10:56

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Problem was, I was passing in a string from elsewhere in my code that was not set as a boolean.
This did the trick:

Preference.set('datestamp', 'true' === "true");
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