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I'm using token to access github api by Octokit client.

client = Octokit::Client.new(access_token: TOKEN)

It seems that is ok:

=> #<struct Octokit::RateLimit
 resets_at=2013-11-25 03:38:41 +0200,

So now I want to get some info

repo = client.repo 'rails/rails'

But when I'm getting next page


I'm hitting the rate limit in 60 requests per hour.

It seems that next requests are not authorized by token.

How to make all request be authorized by token?

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Taken from the Octokit documentation:

Note: While Octokit auto pagination will set the page size to the maximum 100, and seek to not overstep your rate limit, you probably want to use a custom pattern for traversing large lists.

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The rate limit for application that are authorized by token is 5000 requests per hour, I just want use this limit. –  megas Nov 25 '13 at 6:25

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