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I have a question about define my main issue is I am a bit confused on how the parameters work for it.

This is my Methods

 def repeat(repeated_word)
    @repeated_word = repeated_word
    "#@repeated_word #@repeated_word"

This is my rspec test to make sure my method works.

 describe "repeat" do
    it "should repeat" do
      repeat("hello").should == "hello hello"

    # Wait a second! How can you make the "repeat" method
    # take one *or* two arguments?
    # Hint: *default values*
    it "should repeat a number of times" do
      repeat("hello", 3).should == "hello hello hello"

it passes the first test but fails the second. My confusion is if i add a second parameter meaning def repeat(repeat_word, times_repeated) the first test then fails because it has the wrong number of arguments. Not sure how to set up default values?

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def repeat(repeated_word, repeats=2)
  repeats.times.map { repeated_word }.join(' ')
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