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I bought sony SW2 ( smartwatch 2 , not nm2 ) and pairing with HTC mobile phone New One. After I download android-sdks\add-ons\addon-sony_add-on_sdk_2_1-sony-16 and try to compile the Sample Widget. There is no response in "INSTALLED APPLICATIONS" section. I can't see "Sample Widget" item there.

But I can compile and run other 4 samples. Advanced control, general control, notification, sensor.

I try to add isDisplaySizeSupported in The item appears. But when i try to click the icon on watch. The Android handset occurs "crash" and watch returns to standby mode.

By the way, I try to download some widget samples from git. all items "crash"

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As far as I know Sony removed the widget mode on SW2 "for now".

Additional SmartWatch 2 developer notes The Widget API, another Smart Extension API, enables you to display a widget on a Smart Accessory. Widgets are not supported in SmartWatch 2. If you’ve developed an extension for the first SmartWatch, it is okay if the app extension registers itself as using the Widget API when registering to a SmartWatch 2 – it will just be ignored by SmartWatch 2.


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This is correct. Widget API is not supported in SW2. – Marlin SONY Nov 25 '13 at 19:11

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