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This code is in a header file and the header file by itself can compile just fine. The idea is this is a BST and I am supposed to create an iterator that will iterate through it in order.

I think I have this figured out just fine but I must have the wrong syntax for the functions. They compile without given a type but when given a type such as int it says it can't find a version with int, etc.

template <class TKey>
class bst {
    struct node {
      node() { key=TKey(); link[0]=link[1]=NULL; parent=NULL; }
      operator TKey () { return key; }
      void print();

      TKey key;
      node *link[2];
      node *parent;

    class iterator {
      friend class bst<TKey>;
      node *p;
    iterator begin();
    iterator end();

    TKey operator*(iterator rhs){return rhs.p -> key;}
    bool operator!=(iterator rhs) {return (!(this.p->key==rhs.p->key));}

    void operator++();

    bst() { Troot=NULL; }
    ~bst() { clear(Troot); }

    bool test;

    bool empty() { return Troot==NULL; }
    void clear() { clear(Troot); Troot=NULL; }

    node *prev_node;
    void erase(TKey &key);
    void insert(TKey &key);

    void print_inorder() { print_inorder(Troot); }
    void print_bylevel();
    void print_iterator();

    void clear(node *);

    node *minmax_key(node *, int);
    node *erase(node *, TKey &);
    node *insert(node *, TKey &);

    void print_inorder(node *);

    node *Troot;

That was the class definition.

template <class  TKey>
class bst<TKey>::iterator bst<TKey>::begin(){
    node *temp = Troot;
    while(temp -> link[0])
        temp = link[0];
    cout << temp -> key << endl;

    iterator it;
    it.p = temp;
    return it;

template <class TKey>
class bst<TKey>::iterator bst<TKey>::end(){
    iterator it;
    it.p = NULL;
    return it;

These are the Iterator functions that seem to be causing the problems.

bst.h:266:2: error: no match for 'operator!=' in 'it != bst<TKey>::end [with TKey = int]()'

bst.h:266:2: note: candidates are:

and lists a ton of candidates


bst.h:269:3: error: no match for 'operator++' in '++it'

bst.h: In member function 'bst<TKey>::iterator bst<TKey>::begin() [with TKey = int]':

bst.h:265:22:   instantiated from 'void bst<TKey>::print_iterator() [with TKey = int]'

BST_usage1.cpp:33:19:   instantiated from here

bst.h:70:3: warning: pointer to a function used in arithmetic [-Wpointer-arith]

bst.h:70:3: error: cannot convert 'int(const char*, const char*)throw ()' to 'bst<int>::node*' in assignment
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Don't you think it would help to show the actual error message, line of code occurring, etc? –  OldProgrammer Nov 25 '13 at 3:14
well it spits out a monster of an error message. I figured it would just be something syntax wise with the functions I listed. Ill add the error though –  Robert Ryder Nov 25 '13 at 3:15
added the error –  Robert Ryder Nov 25 '13 at 3:20
Why do your operator methods take a iterator as a parameter? That does not look right. Also, you did not show the code in bst_usage1.cpp, so we cannot see the declaration. Going to bed now. Good luck. –  OldProgrammer Nov 25 '13 at 3:38

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Your definition of operator!= is in class bst<T>, not in the inner class bst<T>::iterator. So you're defining an operator that takes a bst<T> on the left hand side, and a bst<T>::iterator on the right.

If you move your operator definitions inside your inner iterator class, you should find it works correctly (or at least gives a more helpful error message).

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Thanks That makes sense. These things are always obvious once pointed out –  Robert Ryder Nov 25 '13 at 3:56

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