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I'm working on an assignment using MASM and Irvine's library. In this step of the program I'm trying to sort the received array, but I'm having trouble with the implementation.

ordr_array  PROC
    mov     ebp, esp
    mov     edx, [ebp+40]   ; array value
    mov     ebx, 0          ; array position
    ; [ebp+36]  ; length of input_n

    mov     eax, [ebp+36]

    ; counts up to ecx
    mov     eax, 0
        inc     eax         ; k++
        mov     ecx, eax
        inc     ecx         ; j = k + 1
            push    eax     ; we need these registers,
            push    ecx     ; save them
            mov     eax, [edx+4*eax]    ; move our values into our registers for comparison
            mov     ecx, [edx+4*ecx]
            cmp     eax, ecx

            jge     inner_looper_end

            mark: ; array[j] > array[i]
                mov     ebx, ecx ; put the inner counter value (j) to swap with the outer (i)

                pop     ecx     ; restore registers 
                pop     eax     ; ecx and eax

                inc     ecx
                cmp     ecx, [ebp+36]
                jl      inner_looper    ; if we're done with the inner loop, just fall out 

        looper_end:         ; finish looper

            ; exchange code

            push    [edx+4*eax]
            push    [edx+4*ecx]
            call    exchangeElements

            ; end exchange code

            ; see if we need to go again
            inc     eax
            inc     eax                 ; the '+ 1' then '- 1' was the best way I could think of doing '< result - 1' from memory
            cmp     eax, [ebp+36]
            dec     eax
            jl      looper

    ret     8
ordr_array  ENDP

the exchange function called is:

exchangeElements    PROC

    mov     eax, [ebp+36]    ;to be swapped
    mov     ebx, [ebp+40]    ;to be swapped

    push    [eax]
    push    [ebx]
    pop     [eax]    ;this should swap it
    pop     [ebx]    ;this should swap it

    ret 8
exchangeElements    ENDP

A shove in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated.

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You haven't explained what the problem is, but it looks like you're passing the arguments to your swap function by value and then treating the arguments as if they were addresses inside the function. – Michael Nov 25 '13 at 15:37
@Michael: I'm getting an error from the call to exchange elements. It's just a crash message, nothing particularly useful. – Jacobm001 Nov 25 '13 at 16:05

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