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My complete code here

$(".jx_form_Annuairecommunal:has(.level0 .level3)").click(function () {
    $(this).nextUntil('.jx_form_Annuairecommunal:has(.level0 .level3)').find('.level0 .level4').slideToggle(300);
    $(this).nextUntil('.jx_form_Annuairecommunal:has(.level0 .level4)').find('#left1, #left2, #left3, #right1, #right2,#right3').slideToggle(300);
    return false;

My problem is that whenever I clicked on a .level0 .level3 or a .level0 .level4 or a .level0 .level5 header I am not able to show the name of only the people belonging to this level. If ever I have .level0 .level3 with .level0 .level4 below it the name of the person should stop as it reaches this .level0 .level4 or else it should stop whenever it reaches another .level0 .level3

Hope that someone can help me out with this one and thx in advance

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if you have control over restructuring html output...would start there....html structure is ugly. One thing...you can't repeat same ID in page. Multiple #left, #right for example. ID's are unique by definition. Module like this with decent html structure can typically be opened/collapsed with very few lines of code –  charlietfl Nov 25 '13 at 6:20
Thx for the comment charlietfl but I dont have any control over the html structure –  mm2000 Nov 25 '13 at 9:24

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