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I have try follow code to change the menu text, In command window show the correct activity, change the menu text, but the UI no change.

Another, my menu is on dialog, fill it in menu field of dialog parameter

the old question is

How do I change POPUP Text of Menu without ID

someone help me !

HMENU hMenu;
CMenu* pMenu = CMenu::FromHandle(hMenu);
int i, nCou = pMenu->GetMenuItemCount();
CString ss;
for (i = 0; i < nCou; i++)
    uID = pMenu->GetMenuItemID(i);
    if (uID == 0) // separator
    pMenu->GetMenuString(i, ss, MF_BYPOSITION);
    if (uID == (UINT)-1)
        TRACE(_T("Popup '%s' "), ss);
        ss += _T("-Modified");
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(i, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_STRING|MF_ENABLED, 0, ss);
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(i, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_STRING|MF_ENABLED, i, ss);
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(0, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_STRING|MF_ENABLED, i, ss);
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(0, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_STRING|MF_ENABLED, 0, ss);
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(0, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_STRING|MF_ENABLED|MF_CHANGE, 0, ss);
        //pMenu->ModifyMenu(i, MF_BYPOSITION, 0, ss);
        pMenu->ModifyMenu(i, MF_BYPOSITION|MF_CHANGE, 0, ss);
        TRACE(_T("modified to '%s' "), ss);
        TRACE(_T("Item  '%s', ID=%d "), ss, uID);

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And what is your problem? Do you assign this menu to the frame/dialog? If not you change has no effect... – xMRi Nov 25 '13 at 8:05
My menu is on dialog, No change of menu text which without id – user1753112 Nov 25 '13 at 8:30
But you have a loop and modify with MF_BYPOSITION. The code you posted should work WHEN you use this menu... – xMRi Nov 25 '13 at 8:40
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I response my question, change the code

CMenu* pMenu = CMenu::FromHandle(hMenu); 


CMenu* pMenu = GetMenu();

It will work! thanks a lot!

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Another, the menu can't redraw, must use setmenu() to reflash. – user1753112 Nov 26 '13 at 8:34

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