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Going crazy over this. I am using the facebook php sdk. What I want is, to post a NOTE(not MESSAGE) to my fan page wall. I have specified the message, subject, access token and also my fan page id. I have added ALL the required permissions which are manage_pages, publish_stream, create_note. I have also added all the required extended permissions in my app settings.
The Problem:
The note is being posted on MY wall whereas I want to post it on my FAN PAGE wall. Here is my code:

$appId = 'APP_ID';
$secret = 'APP_SECRET';
$returnurl = 'RETURN_URL';
$permissions = 'manage_pages, publish_stream, create_note';

$displaymessage = 'Message part of note';
$subject = 'Subject of note';

$accesstoken = 'ACCESS_TOKEN'; $pageid = 'PAGE_ID';

$fb = new Facebook(array('appId'=>$appId, 'secret'=>$secret));

$fbuser = $fb->getUser();

        $message = array(
                'access_token' => $accesstoken,
                'message' => $displaymessage,
                'subject' => $subject,
        $posturl = '/$pageid/notes';
        $result = $fb->api($posturl,'POST',$message);
            echo 'Successfully posted to Facebook Wall...';
    catch(FacebookApiException $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();
    $fbloginurl = $fb->getLoginUrl(array('redirect-uri'=>$returnurl, 'scope'=>$permissions));
    echo '<a href="'.$fbloginurl.'">Login with Facebook</a>';

I have looked this up a lot and I an wondering if it is possible to post a note on a fan page as admin? Thanks.

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I think you should use a page access token for that … –  CBroe Nov 25 '13 at 11:40
already tried that. Still note appears on my wall instead of the page wall. :-( –  Aditya Nov 25 '13 at 13:06
var_dump($posturl) – notice something …? –  CBroe Nov 25 '13 at 13:15
nope! gives me the posturl in the form '/pageid/notes' –  Aditya Nov 25 '13 at 13:43
That is impossible with the code you have shown. –  CBroe Nov 25 '13 at 13:45
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Finally found a solution. I guess there was a problem with the access token. So instead of specifying the access token, I generated it using

$page_info = $facebook->api("/$pageId?fields=access_token");

And using $page_info in the array like this

$args = array( "access_token" => $page_info["access_token"], "message" => "Note Body", "subject" => "Note subject!" );
I have managed to post the note to my facebook fan page wall! Thanks!

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