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I am currently looking for a CMS software that allows multiple sites, with themes, languages and addon support - booking apps, contact pages, galleries, blogs etc.

It is for a SME company that has many brands and sub divisions and they want a network bar on the top of the page which links to and fro all the company sites and they're rebranding so it all looks like popsugar.com style and codecanyon.net where all sites are linked in.. networked.. one user Id to login..

We looking for a PHP/mySQL solution and I wanted some recommendations. Drupal we think is to complex and documentation is poor.

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If you have already decided that Drupal is poorly documented, you better stay away from it. If you are ready to change your mind, you can check drupal.org/documentation? Granted, you will not find a step by step guide for your needs, but no CMS, and certainly no open-source one, will provide a turn key solution for what you need. –  Pierre Buyle Nov 25 '13 at 14:02

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Given that your are looking for a solution that meets undefined needs (the etc. in the OP), Drupal may be a good choice since it provides a solid (but complex) foundation extended by a large collection of modules.

Drupal has a good support for multi-sites, in the sense that all site share the same code base but have their own configuration and content. In addition, per-site code can be added. Basically, for each sites, you have a folder in the /sites folder, while <drupal root>/sites/all contains the code (modules and theme) shared by all sites, each <drupal root>/sites/<domain> contains the code (modules and themes), settings.php and files folder for the site at .

If you want all your sites to share the same users (user ID and password), you needs a Single Sign On (SSO) solution, If all your sites are Drupal sites and share the same second-level domain, you can uses the Bakery module. Look also at the CAS and LDAP modules which may provide suitable solution for your needs.

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