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I have created one Treestore in pygtk. Everything is fine only problem is, I don't want patent checkbox. you can see in below picture.

Computer1 [ ]-----This checkbox I don't want
    C drive [ ]
    D drive [ ]
    E drive [ ]

I have written code as,

self.view = gtk.TreeView( model )
self.renderer = gtk.CellRendererText()
self.renderer.set_property( 'editable', False )

self.renderer1 = gtk.CellRendererToggle()
self.renderer1.set_property('activatable', True)
self.renderer1.connect( 'toggled', self.col1_toggled_cb, model )

self.column0 = gtk.TreeViewColumn("Computer Name", self.renderer, text=0)

self.column1 = gtk.TreeViewColumn("Select Drive", self.renderer1 )
self.column1.add_attribute( self.renderer1, "active", 1)
self.view.append_column( self.column0 )
self.view.append_column( self.column1 )

self.tree_store = gtk.TreeStore( gobject.TYPE_STRING,
                                 gobject.TYPE_BOOLEAN )
for item in tasks.keys():
    parent = self.tree_store.append( None, (item, None) )
    if len(tasks[item])>1:
        for x in range(0,len(tasks[item])):                    
                self.tree_store.append( parent, (tasks[item][x],1) )
        self.tree_store.append( parent, (tasks[item][0],None) )
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Expand your tree store to include a boolean that specifies whether the checkbox is to be visible, and connect the visible property of the checkbox renderer with the value in the tree store. You can do that by calling add_attribute:

self.column1.add_attribute( self.renderer1, "visible", 2)

...or by adding the keyword argument named like the property to the gtk.TreeViewColumn constructor. Here is a small runnable example demonstrating all of the above:

import gtk, gobject

tree_store = gtk.TreeStore(gobject.TYPE_STRING,
                           gobject.TYPE_BOOLEAN )
root = tree_store.append(None, ("Computer 1", False, False))
tree_store.append(root, ("C drive", False, True))
tree_store.append(root, ("D drive", True, True))

view = gtk.TreeView(tree_store)
renderer1 = gtk.CellRendererText()
renderer2 = gtk.CellRendererToggle()

view.append_column(gtk.TreeViewColumn("Computer Name",
                                      renderer1, text=0))
view.append_column(gtk.TreeViewColumn("Select Drive",
                                      renderer2, active=1, visible=2))
w = gtk.Window()
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Thanks it is working –  Amit Nov 26 '13 at 7:39
In above picture I am not able to restrict parent column editable. i want only database child column should be editable other not editable. Plz let me know what i do. i have tried some solution but that is not working. plz help me. –  Amit Jan 13 '14 at 8:18
@Amit Sorry, I do not understand what doesn't work for you. Maybe you should ask a separate question about this new problem? –  user4815162342 Jan 13 '14 at 8:32
Thanks, can you see my new post and let me give solution for this stackoverflow.com/questions/21088336/… –  Amit Jan 13 '14 at 10:00

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