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I have an iFrame with a pdf src. When I click a button it is shown. When I click a button it is hidden.

It is coded as a function using jquery .toggle (simplified):

function showpdf() {

<div class="showpdf" style="display:none">
<iframe class="showpdf" src="file.pdf" style="display:none;">

<div class="showpdf" style="display:none">Hide PDF</div>
<div class="showpdf" style="display:block">Show PDF</div>

This works fine in IE, Chrome, FF... But in Safari, the pdf does not hide.


PS: can anyone explain why it does not work at all with onLoad, onDomReady?

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Here is the solution:

  • preload the .pdf in a hidden iframe
  • toggle iframe and visibility as before
  • add the src to the original iframe using jquery


In this way the loading of the .pdf is isolated from the toggle function all together.

The code added to the function:

function showpdf() { $('.showpdf').toggle(); $('#theframe').attr('src','the.pdf'); }

The html added:

<iframe style="display:none;" src="the.pdf"></iframe>
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