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I'm upgrading a CakePHP site from 1.3 to 2.4 and the site sends out quite a few emails. In the original version I was using the old Cake Email Component and all the variables that had to be printed out in the email were passed using the controller's set() method.

// code in controller
$this->set('my_var', 'whatever);

In the new version I am using the CakeEmail class which is slightly different. One of the differences is that the email's template can no longer 'see' these variables.

// code in View/Email template
// works in 1.3 BUT NOT 2.4
echo $my_var;

Question 1: How do I change my View/Template code to access $my_var?

I know I can pass variables to the View/Template using CakeEmail::setVars() but I want to avoid this as the structure of my code would make this a bit complicated (lots of nested functions).

Alternatively, how do I get an array of all the variable set using set() to pass viewVars() just before the email is sent?

// How to do this in controller
$my_vars = $this->???? // return array of all vars set so far
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@Thorpe, thanks for the spelling correction. –  Annabel Nov 26 '13 at 1:24

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You have to pass data to template using CakeEmail::setVars(); but you can get object variables using this:

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Actually I found I could solve my problem with this line of code:

// in controller code

I'd never come across Controller::viewVars before.

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