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I have a book in a .txt file, and I'm trying to split the book up into individual words. In this scenario a word is considered anything with A-Z, a-z, or '.

So far I have this:

String[] words = bookStr.split("[^a-zA-Z']+");

Which successfully splits the words up just fine. However, I also want to capture all of the delimiters and the number of times they occur. Is this possible to do with Pattern, or would I actually need to loop through the entire string myself to count what I need?


String bookStr = "I just can't figure this out.\nI wonder why LOST ended?"

String[] words = bookStr.split("[^a-zA-Z']+");

// Using the regex I already have, I have gathered the words I want.

// ["I", "just", "can't", "figure", "this", "out", "I", "wonder", "why", "LOST", "ended"]

// Is there any way to gather these as well using the Pattern class or with split()?

// [" ", " ", " ", " ", " ", ".", "\n", " ", " ", " ", " ", "?"]
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Do you want the whitespace and the words in your array, or do you literally want an array of whitespace sequences? –  Bohemian Nov 25 '13 at 13:12
I want an array that contains both the content between the split delimiters, and the delimiters themselves. So perhaps a single array containing the contents of both arrays above ^. –  user3032301 Nov 25 '13 at 13:16

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Split using negative look arounds for your word chars:

String[] words = bookStr.split("(?<!^|[a-zA-Z'])|(?![a-zA-Z'])");

Because split() consumes delimiters, you need a non-consuming regex; look aheads/behinds are zero-width assertions and therefore non-consuming.

A breakdown of the regex Kung Fu is alternate matches (separated by |) for a negative look behind and a negative look ahead for a character class of the characters you have deemed to constitue "words". There's an extra alternate in the look behind for start of input, without which there will be a split before the first character, leaving you with the first element being a blank.

Here's some test code:

String bookStr = "I just can't figure this out.\nI wonder why LOST ended?";
String[] words = bookStr.split("(?<!^|[a-zA-Z'])|(?![a-zA-Z'])");
System.out.println(Arrays.toString( words));


[I, , just, , can't, , figure, , this, , out, ., 
, I, , wonder, , why, , LOST, , ended, ?]
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String[] wordsAndDelimiters = bookStr.split("\\b");
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This is close, but will split "can't" into three parts and will create an initial blank element :( –  Bohemian Nov 25 '13 at 20:39

[a-zA-Z']+(?=\s)|\s+(?=[a-zA-Z']) use something like this (split words before spaces OR space before words) i thin it make what you want

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If you use [a-zA-Z']+ then you will get your result

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