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Coming from Eclipse I now use Android Studio for development. In Eclipse it was always clear which files were not saved, but in Android studio I see no distinction between the open files that have been saved, and the ones that haven't. Plus, if there are any files that have not been saved when you build and run, Eclipse asks me whether I want to save those files before running. Both these functions make developing a lot easier.

So does anybody know:

  1. a way to distinguish between saved files and files that haven't been saved in Android Studio?
  2. a way to make Android Studio ask me if I want to save files before it builds and runs?
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Check IntelliJ IDEA Q&A for Eclipse Users: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/documentation/migration_faq.html

Q: How do I make sure all my files are saved?

A: Don't you worry. They are all saved automatically.

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The link plastiv provided explains that files are auto saved. It does not (as far as I can see) answer your first question about distinguishing saved and unsaved file. To do that, you can go to Settings > [IDE Settings] > Editor > Editor Tabs and select the option "Mark modified tabs with asterisk".


In IDEA v14 and later, this setting is located on the Settings > Editor > General > Editor Tabs pane

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Also, modified files has different color at project view (alt+1), if you are using source control. –  Sergii Pechenizkyi Nov 26 '13 at 9:59
This is nice, but why doesn't the asterisk always go away on its own when this option is turned on? –  Crusader Jan 15 at 0:58
@Crusader - The asterisk should go away when the file is saved either via Ctrl+S (Save All) or via the auto save. If it is not, then there is a bug somewhere. I recommend you file a bug report. Be sure to include your OS and IDEA version. Given that this is a 10 to 13 year old feature that's worked as expect all this time, any problems with it would likely be platform specific. –  Mark Vedder Jan 15 at 14:30

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