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I have column called notes this is used for tracking historical information . I have placed a button and clicking it should show a form(Similar to View form) and display the information for that Row.The Data for this is stored in a different table.

The Form Should be

S.No. Date              User         Changes

1         01.02.2013       John            Added Row
2         10.02.2013       John            Updated Column Details
3         10.12.2013       Pravish       Updated Column Details

.... so on

I have got it working until I get the Row id using the solutions given by @Oleg Pop up a custom form with custom data on click of a cell in jqgrid

Can someone please help on this.

Thanks for your time

Regards, Pravish

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@Oleg Can you please help on this stackoverflow.com/questions/20193976/jqgrid-pop-out-view-form – Pravish Jayasundar –  Pravish Jayasundar Nov 28 '13 at 16:48
Why don't you prepare a fiddle a jsbin ? –  LeftyX Nov 28 '13 at 17:12

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