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I want to create a plug-in for eclipse consisting of a Wizard for creating a new file.

In the documentation I read about the WizardNewFileCreationPage class that is suitable

for my task.

It is supposed to be located in the package org.eclipse.ui.dialogs, however I can not find it.

Was it maybe moved in the latest version of eclipse to another location or removed completely?

I am using Kepler.

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WizardNewFileCreationPage is in the org.eclipse.ui.ide plugin - so you will have add the plugin to your plugin's dependencies. As you said the package in org.eclipse.ui.dialogs

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Thanks, it works now! Just for the future: How was I supposed to know it is in the ide package or how can I find out? –  schrobe Nov 25 '13 at 14:13
In Preferences > Plug-in Development check the Include all plugin-ins from target in Java search. With this checked Navigate > Open Type... will include all Eclipse classes so you can open the class (this will be the source if you have the Eclipse SDK installed). With the class open you can use the context menu Show In > Package Explorer to show which plugin it is in. –  greg-449 Nov 25 '13 at 14:19

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