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I read about supertest. I managed to test two of my routes:

it('notAuthorized', function (done) {
        .expect('Content-Type', /html/)
        .expect(/Not authorized!/)

it('redirect', function (done) {
        .expect('Content-Type', /plain/)
        .expect('Location', '/notAuthorized')
        .expect(/Moved Temporarily/)

However, the problem starts when I want to access my other pages, those I need to register for. I found this solution for a regular registration:

describe('When logged in', function () {
    before(function (done) {
        // login the user
            .field('email', 'foobar@example.com')
            .field('password', 'foobar')

    // ...

In my application I register with a certificate. Can I somehow configure the test with my certificate? Changing my https options doesn't work either:

// https options
var options = {
    // ...
    requestCert: false,
    rejectUnauthorized: false

I assume it is because of my middle ware I use in every of my routes:

 exports.isAuthenticated = function(req, res, next){
    if(req.client.authorized) {
        // user authorized
        if(!req.session.user) {
            // set user session
            var cert = req.connection.getPeerCertificate().subject;
        // ..

// profile
app.get("/profile", mw.isAuthenticated, profileController.getProfile);

// user
app.get("/users", mw.isAuthenticated, userController.getUsers);

// chat
app.get("/chat", mw.isAuthenticated, chatController.getChat);


  • is there anyway I can configure the agent with my certificate?
  • should I maybe overthink the design of using the isAuthenticated middle ware in every route?
  • can I somehow change the cookie object of supertest's agent?

If I could set the req object like the following snippet, I'd probably have a solution.

    req : {
        client : {
            authorized : true
        connection :{
            getPeerCertificate : function(){
                this.subject = 1;
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Did you able to solve that by any chance. –  Vampire Coder Feb 6 at 23:10

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