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It's easy to repeat templated data, using List box, or StackPanel + ItemsControl, etc. However, I cant figure how to get multiple columns, ie, column alignment.


Name: John Doe

Street: 123 st

City: Seattle

State: WA

This link below shows the general layout I am trying to programmatically replicate (scroll near bottom): http://karlshifflett.wordpress.com/2008/10/23/wpf-silverlight-lob-form-layout-searching-for-a-better-solution/

Obviously, the data (and label) can vary in size. Also obvious, I could force a fixed width repeating a horizontal stackpanel, but that is lame.

In ASP.NET, you just use a repeater, and get results by repeating a table row + columns. Since an HTML table respects/adjusts the column sizes for ALL rows, the data will simply line up. In silverlight, you... do what?

Note: a datagrid could do this... by why on earth would you want to use that for simple layout of a "form" like this example?

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Is the entire pattern above repeating, meaning you have this block of options for each item? If so, why not just make your ItemTemplate a Grid with the left column fixed width? If not, can you elaborate more?

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Yes, the entire thing repeats, but not with the same type of data. My form looks like this (scroll near bottom): karlshifflett.wordpress.com/2008/10/23/… It is built on the fly, i.e., it might have these 4 groups of fields, or it might have 3 or 13. Each group has its own template and type of data. And in my case, even within a group like "address", I might have 3 lines for street, or not. And it would render according to the collection of fields that comes in. –  David Jan 8 '10 at 5:45

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