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How can I create Zip files using Python that will be exactly identical given their file contents is identical?

The Python ZipFile module (or probably even the underlying Zip library) will store file modification dates in the archive, which will lead to differences in the produced Zip files.

Ultimately, I want to create Python eggs using Setuptools (python setup.py bdist_egg) that produce identical *.egg files for unchanged packaged contents. Right now, whenever I recreate (in an automated build process) an Egg, the egg file will change each time (since setuptools recopies the package contents upon each invocation).

Setuptools uses the Python ZipFile module.

import os, time, hashlib
from zipfile import ZipFile

tn = 'test.txt'
zn0 = "z0.zip"
zn1 = "z1.zip"
zn2 = "z2.zip"

with open(tn, 'w') as t:

z0 = ZipFile(zn0, 'w')
z1 = ZipFile(zn1, 'w')
z2 = ZipFile(zn2, 'w')


os.system("touch %s" % tn)


h = []
for i in xrange(3):
   m = hashlib.sha256()
   m.update(open('z%d.zip' % i, 'rb').read())

print h[0] == h[1]
print h[0] == h[2]

The code outputs True, False while I'd like to have True, True.

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