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I'm just giving it a shot to learn objective C and Cocoa and play aound with the Google APIs. I am trying to follow the instructions on the main page to include the framework within my application but I'm not having much luck.

Would someone be able to provide some instuctions with a bit more detail?

I would greatly appreciate it.

I've added the GData.xcodeproj under my main application and added a direct dependency to GData under Target->myApp

I keep getting the following error:

cd "/Users/ankushgupta/Xcode Projects/Google Test"
pbxcp -exclude .DS_Store -exclude CVS -exclude .svn -strip-debug-
symbols -resolve-src-symlinks /Users/ankushgupta/Xcode\ Projects/Google\
Test/build/Release/GData.framework /Users/ankushgupta/Xcode\ Projects/Google
\ Test/build/Release/Google\ Test.app/Contents/Frameworks
pbxcp: GData.framework: No such file or directory

I'm kind of lost and I really need to get this setup so I can learn the API and do some real coding :(

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanx in advance...

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You need to download the Objective-C Google API source code from


and compile it from the included xCode project. The included documentation explains in detail how to either link statically, include framework or reference the Google API code directly from your project.

I choose to include all the source code I need directly in my project by reference to the original Google files. Include the source files by dragging them into you xCode project.

I wouldn't recommend the Google API's for learning to program the iPhone. It would be complicating the learning process unnecessarily.

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