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I am trying to porting qimage2ndarray from PyQt to PySide. The python part of the code seems to work if I change the import from PyQt to PySide, but the SIP part


does not. It gives the error:

qimageview(): argument 1 has unexpected type 'PySide.QtGui.QImage'

I am quite surprised by that, because the function is defined with

qimageview(QImage &image)

How do I cast a PySide.QtGui.QImage to an QImage that can be used within C++?

I never worked with SIP nor anything else than scipy.weave to embed C++ into python. Perhaps SIP is not the right way to go with PySide?!

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No, sip is not the right tool to use.

Although sip is a general purpose tool for creating python bindings for C/C++ libraries, it is not directly compatible with PySide, which generates its bindings using a different tool.

The PySide equivalent to sip is shiboken.

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