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How can I add the sample ID (row number) as labels to each point in this LDA plot using ggplot2?




irisLda <- lda(iris[,-5],iris[,5])

irisLda <- lda(Species~.,data=iris)
irisProjection <- cbind(scale(as.matrix(iris[,-5]),scale=FALSE) %*% irisLda$scaling,iris[,5,drop=FALSE])
p <- ggplot(data=irisProjection,aes(x=LD1,y=LD2,col=Species))
p + geom_point()   
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You simply need to use geom_text:

irisProjection$row_num = 1:nrow(irisProjection)
p <- ggplot(data=irisProjection, aes(x=LD1,y=LD2,col=Species)) + 
       geom_point() + geom_text(aes(label = row_num))

Maybe you need to play around a bit with hjust and vjust, which are part of geom_text. You also might want to have a look at the directlabels package for smart label placement.

enter image description here

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