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I would like my default display for IPython notebook code cells to include line numbers.

I learned from ipython notebook line number that I can toggle this with ctrl-M L, which is great, but manual. In order to include line numbers by default, I would need to add something to my ipython_notebook_config.py file. Unless I've missed something, there is not an explanation of how to do this in the documentation.

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In your custom.js file (location depends on your OS) put

IPython.Cell.options_default.cm_config.lineNumbers = true;

If you can't find custom.js, you can just search for it, but generally it will be in your profile_default folder. If it doesn't exist, create the file at $(ipython locate profile)/static/custom/custom.js

If for whatever reason that doesn't work, you can always edit the custom.js file in the site-packages/IPython/html/static/custom/ in the same way.

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Very cool; works. One additional thing I've learned trying to get this to work: at least for me, despite the comment in the default custom.js file (“Placeholder for custom user javascript mainly to be overridden in profile/static/custom/custom.js”), the file must be located directly in the profile directory (for me, ~/.ipython/profile_default/). –  khstacking Nov 25 '13 at 16:52
Awesome! I learned some things as well :D. It would be great if you could accept the answer, cheers. –  William Denman Nov 25 '13 at 16:56

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