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I'm new to rails:

I've created a Reddit-lite like site. After I uploaded it to heroku I noticed that when I was signed in to an account I created on the site, the page was displayed in the browser as I intended it to be displayed, but when I logged out, or even before I logged in, the partial was displayed much larger than I intended it to be.

I've tried putting in search terms to here and haven't found anything close to the issue I am having, so I assume I am not describing it incorrectly. Here is a link to my site, so where ever I am lacking in describing my issue might be overcome by your experiencing it.

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The h3 tag around your welcome message isn't closed properly when logged out. Causing the browser to wrap the rest of your html in the h3 which applies a bigger font size to everything making it look bigger. Fix the h3 tag.

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Thanks! That was it. – Lenocam Nov 25 '13 at 19:57

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