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I'd like to see if a hash contains any of a list of keys. Currently I have:

if (grep {$me_hash{$_}} @me_list){

but I figure it's inefficient because it doesn't quit on the first match. Is there a better, more idiomatic way to do it?


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You can use List::MoreUtils's any

use List::MoreUtils qw(any);
if (any { $me_hash{$_} } @me_list) {

Which presumably short circuits on the first match. This function is rather simple, looking like this:

sub any (&@) {
    my $f = shift;
    foreach ( @_ ) {
        return YES if $f->();
    return NO;

Where YES and NO are defined as

use constant YES => ! 0;
use constant NO  => ! 1;

Meaning you can swing your own version of this with something like

sub is_in {
    my ($href, @list) = @_;
    for (@list) {
        return 1 if $href->{$_};
    return 0;

Note that the statement you are using $me_hash{$_} can return false for values you might not consider false, such as the empty string, or zero 0.

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Note that all of @me_list is placed on the stack, but this should be very fast as it does not involve copying more than pointers. –  ikegami Nov 25 '13 at 16:34

List::Util unlike List::MoreUtils is core module,

use List::Util qw(first);
if (defined first {$me_hash{$_}} @me_list) { .. }

and if you don't want to use any of external modules,

my $any = sub{ $me_hash{$_} and return 1 for @_; 0 }->(@me_list);
if ($any) { .. }
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