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I am looking to figure out what App Store locale results in the widest localized price string so that I can ensure there is enough room in a UI element to display it without clipping.

Marco Arment posed this same question on Twitter in January 2012 and followed up later that day with this tweet, indicating that CHF is the widest string:

Sounds like localized CHF is the widest at e.g. "CHF 10.00" (thanks @timohetzel). Know of any wider ones?

Is this still true today?

Unfortunately, Twitter is an awful archive, and while I found his tweets, it will not show me any replies.

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I think that's still accurate - there aren't many that are longer than a single character –  Wain Nov 25 '13 at 16:59

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CHF does seem to be the longest (Switzerland), other symbols longer than a single character are Kr (Sweden / Norway) and KR (Denmark).

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