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I have a matrix of size TxR and I am looking for a command to do the product of the rows (returning an 1 x R vector of the products). After that I want to sum over the columns, i.e. sum the R terms.

In Matlab this would be done something like this sum(prod(A,1),2), but I don't know the code for this in R.

I hope it make sense.


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It is decidedly unclear what you want. You state you want the product of the rows but then give prod(A, 1), whereas the Matlab help for prod suggests what you wanted there is prod(A, 2). Can you clarify if you want the products of each of the rows and then sum them? –  Gavin Simpson Nov 25 '13 at 17:20

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sum(apply(A, 1, prod))

apply the prod function across the rows (the 1 is the margin), sum the result.

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In base R:

mat <- matrix(c(1,2,3,
                7,8,9), byrow = TRUE, ncol = 3)

R <- apply(mat, 1, prod)

R> R
[1]   6 120 504
R> sum(R)
[1] 630

There is a nice alternative on CRAN called matrixStats which aims to add fast versions of other matrix functions to complement the rowSums, colSums (and their mean equivalents) in base R.

install.packages("matrixStats") ## install it from CRAN

## load matrixStats

R> rowProds(mat)
[1]   6 120 504
R> sum(rowProds(mat))
[1] 630
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