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my problem is that in the page header section of the main report I display the value of a shared (Shared NumberVar x) variable

I am trying to modify the contents of this variable in 2 different sections of the report (Section 1 => Shared NumberVar x: = 1, Section 2 => Shared NumberVar x: = 2) then I assign the variable x = 3 in sub report (Shared NumberVar x: = 3 in the sub report)

the problem is that the result of the x variable in the page header section have not changed to 3 and remains 2 after displaying the sub report

Crystal Reports don't allows reading shared variables in the header section as the page header comes before sub report

is there another solution so that I can read a shared variable assigned in a sub report in the header of the main report ?

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I'm afraid that's not possible because of the way variables and subreports are evaluated. In the main report you can re-assign a variable pretty much in every section of the report as long as the report hierarchy is correct. You do that with the correct use of WhilePrintingRecords; and WhileReadingRecords; With subreports, even if you declare the variable with WhileReadingRecords; in the subreport, the WhilePrintingRecords; to display your variable gets evaluated at the same time as the subreport. So the subreport has to be placed higher in the hierarchy than the formula that displays your variable. Here is a great diagram on the different passes a report makes when it runs.

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well, i understand. but is there another way to solve this problem, and to get the evaluated variable in sub report. thanks –  Siwar Nov 26 '13 at 7:49
I'm not quite clear on why you need to assign a different value to the same variable in each section of your report. Maybe elaborate on that a little in your original question and then we can see if there is another way of doing what you are after. –  campagnolo_1 Nov 26 '13 at 12:31
I found a solution I deducted the number of pages displayed by the sub report and according to the number of detected page I change the variable in the page header section of the main report, thanks –  Siwar Nov 26 '13 at 13:31

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