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Why the split line of tmux within PuTTY shows different(xxxxx, qqqqqq)in these tow cases? If I do not set PuTTY any thing(the default "Use font encoding"), the split line of pane shows like following: enter image description here

But it can't show Chinese word correctly, so I set PuTTY's Window -> Translation -> Remote character set to UTF-8. Then the split line of pane become to like that: enter image description here

Using “xxx qqqq” seems very ugly.

BTW: echo $LANG shows “zh_CN.UTF-8”

So, in this case, How to show Chinese word correctly with the first split line?

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I was having the same issue except I was not trying to display Chinese characters. For the ugly line break ( xxxx qqqq), take a look at Tmux borders displayed as x q instead of lines?. For me, there are two version of tmux installed and switching to the newer version solves the problem. You may want to upgrade your tmux. Hope it helps.

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