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I'm using MangoDB the MongoDB ORM for Kohana. Does anyone know how I would perform a search where the field was a property of an object? ie:

$customer = Mango::factory(Model_Core::Organisation_Customer, array(
        'organisation_id' => $this->organisation->_id,
        '$or' => array(
            'user_id' => $this->session->user->_id,
            'profile' =>array(

So a customer has a structure like this:

    'organisation_id': '23423r23e1...',
    'user_id': '23434534...',
    'profile': {
        'email': 'name@domain.com',
        'phone': '07909874234'

So I want to query like:

SELECT * FROM customers where user_id = ? OR profile.email = '...' OR profile.phone = '...' OR profile.mobile = '...'

What I tried above just seems to cause my connection to the db to close :(

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