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I am writing documentation with Github pages (Jekyll) and in one page I want to make link to another. I tried to use {% page_url post-name %} but with no luck. When I run bundle exec jekyll serve I get this exception:

Liquid Exception: no implicit conversion of nil into String in docs/

My posts are in subdirectory docs and the structure of my documentation looks like this:


The configuration file contains:

safe: true
lsi: false
pygments: true
markdown: kramdown

All pages in docs/ subdirectory contains YAML block:

layout: docs
title: Page Two
permalink: /docs/page2/

And now, I try to get page url of this page2:

{% page_url page2 %}
{% page_url docs/page2 %}
{% page_url /docs/page2/ %}
{% page_url /docs/ %}

None of this works, I am still getting Liquid Exception.

So what is the proper way to get url of page in subdirectory?

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You might try setting docs: your site url in your _config.yml file, then use concatenated with "page2" to get the page's URL. This is very ugly, tho--are you sure there isn't anything in jekyll variables that you could use? – agarie Nov 26 '13 at 0:09

You should be using the `{% post_url %}' tag, eg:

{% post_url 2010-07-21-name-of-post %}

More details in Jekyll's docs:

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