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I need to open a Microsoft Word 2003 file and change its file properties. Such as changing the Subject in the Summary Tab.
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Microsoft provides a very useful little assembly called DSOFile. With a reference to it in your project, you can modify Office document properties. It won't necessarily let you open the actual Office file's properties dialog, but you could certainly simulate it.

According to Microsoft:

The Dsofile.dll files lets you edit Office document properties when you do not have Office installed

More details and a download link can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/224351

Here's a snippet some (very old) VB code I used ages ago. Sorry I haven't converted to C# and be aware that it's part of a class so there are references to instance variables. Still, it should be pretty easy to understand and covert to your own needs:

Private Sub ProcessOfficeDocument(ByVal fileName As String)
	Dim docDSO As New DSOFile.OleDocumentPropertiesClass
	Dim docTitle, docModified, docAuthor, docKeywords As String
		docDSO.Open(fileName, True)
		Dim docSummary As DSOFile.SummaryProperties = docDSO.SummaryProperties
		docTitle = docSummary.Title
		docAuthor = docSummary.Author
		docKeywords = docSummary.Keywords
		docModified = CStr(docSummary.DateLastSaved)

		If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(docTitle)) Then
			_Title = docTitle
		End If

		If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(docAuthor)) Then
			_Author = docAuthor
		End If

		If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(docModified)) Then
			_DateModified = DateTime.Parse(docModified)
		End If

	Catch ex As Exception
		'Do whatever you need to do here...'
		If (Not docDSO Is Nothing) Then
		End If
	End Try
End Sub
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I'd +5 this if I could.. Great answer. –  torial Dec 8 '08 at 19:24

I can think of 2 ways to do this:

I would go with the second option if you can, because that way you don't have to depend on Word being installed on the system.

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