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I'm having scope issues with the tfield[] array created below. I'm creating ten rows with six cells. Each cell has a listener attached for validation. I need to perform calculations on each row summing the cells and creating a running total. When I call a routine to sum the cells my cell variable tfield[x].value is either blank or undefined, depending on where I originally declare tfield[].

function createRow1(i) // start create row 

  row1 = Ti.UI.createView({
    backgroundColor: 'white',
    borderColor: '#bbb',
    borderWidth: 1,
    width:'100%', height: 70,
    top: 0, left: 0 });

    var tfield1 = [];
    var label1 =  [];
    var label2 = []; 

    for (i=0;i<6;i++)
       tfield1[i] = Ti.UI.createTextField(baseAttrs); 
       label1[i] = Ti.UI.createLabel(lbAttrs1);
       label2[i] = Ti.UI.createLabel(lbAttrs2);

    tfield1[0].addEventListener('change', function()
       if (tfield1[0].value > 10)
          tfield1[0].value = "";  
          showMessageTimeout("More than 10.",15);

   // 6 listeners created, one for each element in the
   // tfield[] array. Omitted for brevity.     

   tfield1[0].left ="0%"; 
   tfield1[1].left ="12%";
   tfield1[2].left ="24%";
   tfield1[3].left ="36%";
   tfield1[4].left ="48%";
   tfield1[5].left ="60%";

   for (i=0;i<6;i++)

  return row1;

}  /// end of createrow1

  for(i = 0; i < 10; i++){
    row1 = createRow1(i);

     all six rows are added to a scrollview. A button 
     click fires a listener that sums each row which  
     should also calc a running total of all rows. When 
     called the calc function either shows tfield[] 
     as undeclared or as a blank, depending on 
     where tfield[] is declared.
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I was answering your last question, but it was deleted.

First of all, your question now isn't so clear as before. I think is the lack of code.

But don't worry, I have all the code you posted. So:

What you are really doing its a matrix of elements, I think an easy way for you to have access to all the textField elements would be:

var tfields = [];

   showMessageTimeout("calc pressed",15);
   // alert(tfield1[0].value);  // reference to tfield[0] blows up.



function createRow1(i) // start create row 
    tfields.push(tfield1);  //Add this line here
    return row1;

}  /// end of createrow1

I already had answers to all of your other questions, you can make a new question with them :-)

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That's funny :) I responded to a request to break it up into one question per post with smaller code. Wish I'd waited! –  Jocala Nov 25 '13 at 21:51
I created a new question with updated code for the multidimensional array. Thanks again for the push tip. –  Jocala Nov 26 '13 at 6:41
Hi Jocala, I couldn't find the question you mentioned, could you provide me a link? Do you still need help with your other 3 questions? You are wellcome –  kabomi Nov 26 '13 at 11:16
stackoverflow.com/questions/20224603/… I reposted. Not sure what happened to my post last night! –  Jocala Nov 26 '13 at 18:02

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