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I am using Selenium Grid with TestNG to test a website. The test-code, that i exported from the Selenium IDE works fine. My problem is, the tests are running sequential, not parallel.

Here is the code:

public class test{

    public void startSession()
        ThreadSafeSeleniumSessionStorage.startSeleniumSession("localhost",4444,"*firefox","url" );

    @AfterMethod(alwaysRun = true)
    public void closeSession() throws Exception

    @DataProvider(name = "test")
    public Object[][] test()
        return new Object[][]{

 @Test(dataProvider = "test")
 void testen(String value1, String value2) throws Exception


My testng.xml looks like this:

suite thread-count="5" skipfailedinvocationCounts="false" verbose="1" name="Command line suite" junit="false" parallel="methods" annotations="JDK"

What am I doing wrong? The test runs only on one Selenium RC, although more than one are started.

I hope someone can help me, it is really important.


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Upgrade to TestNG 5.11, which implements parallel data providers. The previous versions always invoked all the data provider calls in the same thread...

-- Cedric

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