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I'm trying to optimize a query in SSMS 2008 (for a report that will be deployed to an SSRS 2000 environment). Still pretty new to this company and their homegrown ERP database. Also new to everything beyond basic queries in SSMS.

One of the things I've been told is that some of the views pull data from other views (so View B pulls a column, "Date", from View A). I've been looking for a way to figure out how to tell if a column in a view comes from another view.

I use the following query to identify everywhere a column is used in the database:

SELECT DISTINCT c.name AS 'Column'
    ,o.name AS 'Table'
    ,o.type AS 'Type'
 FROM sysobjects o
 JOIN syscolumns c
 ON c.id = o.id
 LEFT JOIN sysobjects p ON o.parent_obj = p.id
 WHERE c.name like '%parameter%'
 AND (o.type = 'U'  OR o.type = 'V')

Is there something I can tack on here to trace a field through its ancestry?

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