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I have the folowing code:

   #pragma omp parallel for private(dot,sum,c,cc)

       dot = 0.0;
       sum = 0.0;

        if(((c+cc) >= 0) && ((c+cc) < cols)){
           dot += (float)image[r*cols+(c+cc)] * kernel[center+cc];
           sum += kernel[center+cc];
     tempim[r*cols+c] = dot/sum;

This code runs with the same speed as secvential version. What i do wrong? The rows , col values are like 4000+ and center something near 10-30.

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Possibly a stupid question, but have you told your compiler to work with OpenMP? –  JakubT Dec 1 '13 at 19:46

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You could use profiling tools to check how many threads it uses actually. If it is single thread, you could check

  • if the OpenMP support is enabled in for compile options
  • if environment variables or OpenMP APIs have disabled multi-threading, i.e, OMP_NUM_THREADS, OMP_DYNAMIC, omp_set_num_threads(), ...
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