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I couldn't find examples and can't figure out the documentation for these functions:

Say I want to find the first <div class="summary"> on the front page of Stack Overflow. I can get the HTML tree this way:

(defun get-page (url)
  "Get STP(DOM alternative) representation of page"
   (drakma:http-request url)

(get-page "http://stackoverflow.com")

From here, though, I just don't know what find-recursively and find-recursively-if should look like with real arguments.

Edit: Solution to finding first <div class="summary"> on the front page of SO using find-recursively-if:

 (lambda (node)
   (and (typep node 'cxml-stp:element)
    (equal (stp:local-name node) "div")
    (equal (stp:attribute-value node "class") "summary")))
 (get-page "http://stackoverflow.com"))
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Can you give an example of what you'd like to do? It looks like these functions work pretty much the same way that CL's find and find-if work. item could be a node, in which case you'd find the node directly, or could be, e.g., a number, if the key function takes a node and returns a number, etc.… –  Joshua Taylor Nov 25 '13 at 22:47

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These functions walk the node tree and return when you find the desired node (in the case of find-recursively) or a node satisfying the predicate (in the case of find-recursively-if). The predicate should probably do something with the node, but could be arbitrary. E.g., here's a way to return the 10th node (by using a predicate that will return true on its 10th invocation):

;; return the 10th node
(let ((x 0))
   (lambda (node)
     (= (incf x) 10))
   (get-page "http://stackoverflow.com")))

As a more realistic example, here's how you could retrieve an element with the local name "title" (note that you can only use local-name on elements, and not on arbitrary nodes, so the :key function is a little awkward):

CL-USER> (cxml-stp:find-recursively
          (get-page "http://stackoverflow.com")
          :key (lambda (node)
                 (if (typep node 'cxml-stp:element)
                     (cxml-stp:local-name node)
          :test 'string-equal)
;   #| :PARENT of type ELEMENT |#
;                  #| :PARENT of type ELEMENT |#
;                  :DATA "Stack Overflow"))
;   :LOCAL-NAME "title"
;   :NAMESPACE-URI "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml")
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