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I have worked with WSDL, SOAP, WS-Addressing, WS-Security, axis1.4, jax-ws, jax-rpc. So I have good understanding of these specifications. Please suggest articles for learning websphere esb from esb basics.

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Disclaimer: I work for IBM as a WebSphere ESB Consultant.

I would start with the official Redbook. It's increasingly out-of-date as time progresses (it's written for version 6, whereas the latest version is 6.2), but it's still helpful.

There's another "getting started" article here.

You should also try working with the samples and tutorials that shipped with WebSphere Integration Developer (the development environment for WebSphere ESB).

I have a large collection of other articles and links on WebSphere ESB and related topics which may be of interest to you here. Remember that many will refer to WebSphere Process Server - it's a functionality superset of WebSphere ESB, so some Process Server topics will also be relevant to WebSphere ESB, even if that's not specifically mentioned.

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thank you Andrew, your bookmarks on delicious are very help full. –  user237673 Jan 8 '10 at 9:34

IBM DeveloperWorks articles, Redbooks, IBM Education Assistant... and learning the material to get you IBM Certified on those products.

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