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I am trying to define a border around a div tag in HTML. In some browsers the border does not appear.

Here is my HTML code:

<div id="divActivites" name="divActivites" style="border:thin">
    <textarea id="inActivities" name="inActivities" style="border:solid">

How do I set a border for an HTML div tag?

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Try being explicit about all the border properties. For example:

border:1px solid black;

See Border shorthand property. Although the other bits are optional some browsers don't set the width or colour to a default you'd expect. In your case I'd bet that it's the width that's zero unless specified.

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can use


or as shorthand

border: 2px solid black
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As per the W3C:

Since the initial value of the border styles is 'none', no borders will be visible unless the border style is set.

In other words, you need to set a border style (e.g. solid) for the border to show up. border:thin only sets the width. Also, the color will by default be the same as the text color (which normally doesn't look good).

I recommend setting all three styles:

style="border: thin solid black"
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I guess this is where you are pointing at ..

<div id="divActivites" name="divActivites" style="border:thin">
    <textarea id="inActivities" name="inActivities" style="border:solid">

Well. it must be written as border-width:thin

Here you go with the link (click here) check out the different types of Border-styles

you can also set the border width by writing the width in terms of pixels.. (like border-width:1px), minimum width is 1px.

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Sorry this is just wrong. The spec says thin, medium and thick are acceptable values: w3.org/TR/CSS21/box.html#border-properties –  DisgruntledGoat Jan 7 '10 at 13:38
@DG :: ok .. I was only following w3schools .. Never had W3C in mind .. SO the mistake happened .. I have edited accordingly .. –  InfantPro'Aravind' Jan 7 '10 at 18:41

You need to set more fields then just border-width. The style basically puts the border on the page. Width controls the thickness, and color tells it what color to make the border.

border-style: solid; border-width:thin; border-color: #FFFFFF;
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